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The American football team Green Bay Packers came into existence in the year 1919. Curly Lambeau and George Calhoun were childhood rivals that founded the team together. Green Bay, Wisconsin is the home to this team. In the NFL community, the Packers are considered one of the oldest and best teams in the United States. The field is the heart of this team which is named as Lambeau Field. As of now, they have won many championships and have seen Super Bowl appearances and wins. Americans in Green Bay Packers Jersey fill the field with shout and support as they enjoy every matches winnipeg jets jersey of this team with enthusiasm.The Green Bay Packers Jersey background is unique. After Lambeau and Calhuon founded the team, Lambeau needed some funding. It was this need for funding that led to him going to the company, "Indian Packers" to acquire that funding for equipment and jerseys. Because the Packers had already established themselves as a good football team, Indian Packers decided to sponsor the team. Lambeau was able to acquire $500 from the company so that in return the Packers would sport the company's logo on their jersey. The fans referred to the team as the "Indians," but the team wanted to be called the "Packers" and included the name on their uniforms.Initially the color of Green Bay Packers Jersey was the combination of golden and blue but later on green and golden combination was selected for the team. It did not take long before the official color was set at hunter green, a dark shade of green, with an accent of cab yellow. Sometimes, the player's number is written in white on the green jersey with the number written in green on the white jersey. However, for years many fans wear a gold jersey with a green number, although no such jersey existed until recently.They have also played in white and green jersey twice while they were playing home matches but for them green-gold combination was the best. The Packers team even wore throwback jerseys for two times during the games of Thanksgiving Day. Both of these Thanksgiving games were played against the Detroit Lions. In 2001, the first Thanksgiving game against Detroit, the Green Bay Packers Jersey that was worn was a gold and navy blue jersey in honor of the uniform worn in 1930. Then in the second match in the year 2006, the color of the jersey was just as now with a little difference of shades. The team's logo is the letter 'G,' which is representative of their home city. This logo is engraved in their dress and yellow helmets. The current team president decided to create a new throwback jersey from the 2010 season onward. The predicted color for the Green Bay Packers Jersey was to be dark blue. Fans and supporters are eagerly looking for this new season and they believe the new colored uniform will bring good luck for the team through years.

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Are you a NFL fans? If you interest in the NFL, you cloud know this great team in NFL history, Green Bay Packers, Their tickets, jerseys and helmets mould be the hot sale among the seasons. But How much do you know the history of Packers.Green Bay Packers are known as the 3rd oldest team in NFL history. The history of the Green Bay Packers team is one of struggle and perseverance. Until recently, the Packers' record has been fufilled with both the highest success and the deepest depths of defeat. From 1937 to 1994 the Packers played their home games in only 2 cities while five of their eight home games were played in Green Bay's Lambeau Field and the remaining three is at the Milwaukee County Stadium in Milwaukee. Even today the Green Bay Packers play exclusively in Lambeau Field. In 1920, its first season in the NFL the team wore jerseys with the words "ACME PACKERS" emblazoned on the chest, in the 1930s and 1940s, the Packers sometimes used green and gold before returning to the traditional blue and gold.By 1950, the Packers changed their colors to hunter green and gold. Navy blue was kept as a secondary color, seen primarily on sideline capes, but it was quietly dropped from the team colors list on all official materials shortly thereafter. The color scheme yields the common Packer nickname, "The Green and Gold". In 1994, the NFL's 75th anniversary season, the team participated in the league-wide use of "throwback" jerseys. The Packers would wear them again for two Thanksgiving Day games against the Detroit Lions: in 2001, throwback uniforms as worn in the 1930s; in 2003, uniforms from the 1960s.Green Bay Packers Team share a fierce rivalry with the Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings, who reside in the NFC North along with the Green Bay Packers. The Dallas Cowboys have been also known as the Green Bay Packers largest football playoff rivals since after the Packers defeated them in the famous Ice Bowl.The Packers jerseys has been changed several times along with the team history. The topic of the Packers jerseys would be hot whenthey debuted new style. Until 1989 season, Packers choose white jerseys twice. In the 2010 season, the Packers paid tribute to their historical brethren with a third jersey modeled after that worn by the club in 1929. During its first world championship season, the jersey was navy blue, again making the Packers "the Blues." The team used a number of different logos prior to 1961, but the "G" is the only logo that has ever appeared on the helmet. If you knee for one of the Packers jerseys, but you are unable to find a professional jersey maker in your town, here you can get your Packers jersey printed with your name or a number of your choice, then you can also find a number of good sporting apparel web sites that make customized jerseys. That's could be you wonderful choice. similar Keywords:toronto maple leafs jersey,vancouver canucks jersey #1, vancouver canucks game time

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